Gift Cards


A thrill with Terre di Loppiano Gift Card.

                          Free to choose what you like best.

Whether you hesitate about the proper gift for someone special, or you simply want to give someone a free choice, Terre di Loppiano Gift Card is the perfect gift!

By Terre di Loppiano you are given the possibility of choosing among a market basket of 200 products and more, together with different possible accomodations for your staying at the farmhouse; as a special person, you will be offered the most suitable present and the possibility to enjoy your time and relax.

The Gift Card is a firstclass present for any special moment, or any worth beingremembered day:

  • A memory for your love on St. Valentine’s Day
  • A present to Mum or Dad on their Day
  • An original “Live to the Newlyweds”
  • A very special Happy Birthday
  • An amazing Graduation Day for your best friend’s Graduation
  • A new Wedding Anniversary
  • A way of telling somebody you thought of her/him
  • Of course, a Merry Christmas, the top of all!


Why waiting? Get a Gift Card: 1 card 100 wishes!



Reward your customers, employees, suppliers, in a special way by giving Gift Card of Terre di Loppiano outlets.

The real gift is a freetochoose opportunity: let your employees and partners select what they like among the many Terre di Loppiano products!

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information, or apply for your Terre di Loppiano Gift Card.



  1. The Gift Card is sold up to the amount you have chosen among the range of products.
  2. After the purchase and its settlement you will be sent a voucher which can be printed and personally given, or simply sent by email to the receiver. It can also be bought or directly required at our outlet desks.
  3. Since that moment, the card will be valid for six months.
  4. The card can be used by anyone who will show it when purchasing any Terre di Loppiano products, listed on the website , or at the outlet desks.
  5. It is not a revolving card; it can not be recharged, or the amount refunded.
  6. In case of loss, theft, damage before its use, it can be got back within the expire date by showing the payment receipt.
  7. After the expire date the Gift Card can not be used anymore; the Card owner is not entitled to any refund for the amount left.
  8. 15€ shipping fees must be added to the Gift Card Prodotti amount to be paid at the purchase; if the Card Owner decides to buy directly at the outlet, the amount can be used as a voucher for additional purchases.



Buy the products directly from the outlet, or, buying online from home.

In this case, payment should be done by bank transfer, adding the Gift Card number.

In addition, the shipping fees have to be paid by the purchaser.

The Card owner can increase the amount of the gift card by buying some other products.

We remind you that the gift card is valid for 6 months from the starting date.


Read and answer for our file: you could find the answers you are looking for.

Got an expiry date?

It is valid for 6 months from date of activation.


Can be used for different products?

Yes, it can be used for most purchases up to complete exhaustion of the value or partial payment of a purchase. In that case, if the purchase is made through Internet and requires the shipment you will be required integration of expenditure paid by the sender to the recipient.


Can be recharged?

No, it can be recharged.


Can the amount be refunded in cash?

No, the value loaded can not be refunded.


Can be used by a single person, or different people?

Being a card bearer, it can be used by anyone on hand.


Can any item be bought on the website, or at the outlet?

Yes, all the items in stores.


In case of online purchase who has to pay the shipping fees?

They are paid by the sender.



For any further information on the Gift Card, please contact us!

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