Our Cafè

In the heart of Tuscany, inside the Polo Lionello Bonfanti, you can find our cafè.

This is the Café Terre di Loppiano, an environment where time spent is your friend, stress is forgotten and your senses are pampered.

Every moment of the day is perfect for savoring our products.

Your favorite breakfast with coffee, cappuccino or fruit juice, accompanied by a vast assortment of pastries: croissants, puff pastries, biscuits … and for those who love savory breakfast there is no shortage of pizza and stuffed pizzas.

If your lunch includes a quick snack, at the counter you can find regional products, at “km 0” belonging to the Tuscan tradition.

If you have in mind a lunch or dinner in style, for parties or themed events, business lunches or tour groups, we offer you a tailor-made, buffet or served service that will amaze you by booking!







In a large environment, suitable for large and small groups. But let us not pamper you only in your special moments, we want to do it at any time of your day. In fact, in our Cafè, you will find a vast assortment of delicious, organic products perfect for your meals:

  • Pantry – Oil, Sauces and Sauces, Soups, Honey and Jams;
  • Cereals – Durum wheat and spelled pasta;
  • Desserts – Biscuits, Candies, Homemade Chocolate and Pastry;
  • Drinks – large assortment of wines, craft beers and distillates, fruit juices and coffee;
  • Gift Ideas – Gift Boxes, T-Shirts and Aprons, Gift Card.

Terre di Loppiano aims to provide its customers with a selection of genuine products, the result of the work and experience of people who operate in respect for the environment and the conscious choice for man and his well-being.

In our Valdarno sales point or with the dedicated shop on the terrediloppiano.com website, you can discover, choose and buy from over 200 food products selected for you at “km 0” guaranteed by our “100% sincere guaranteed” certificate.

Terre di Loppiano is a company that has obtained Organic Certification and in its basket 80% of the products are certified. However, this is not enough for us, we are currently doing research into other types of certification that we would like to be able to obtain, which will also highlight those who respect the environment, safeguard the territory, ethics, corporate values ​​and who are the flagship of one sustainable development for man.

To learn more look at our catalog: CATALOG.

After telling about us, don’t wait any longer! Go to our website https://www.terrediloppiano.com and buy from our shop. Or come and visit us at our store in Valdarno, Cafè Terre di Loppiano within the Polo Lionello Bonfanti, in Località Burchio in the municipality of Figline and Incisa Valdarno, a stone’s throw from the Incisa-Reggello motorway exit.

We are always at your complete disposal: contact us!

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