Purchasing Charity Groups

gasFor many years we have supplied our products to Purchasing Charity Groups, alla round Italy, submitting them a special price-list to be required by e-mail or telephone.

Solidarity purchasing groups

Solidarity Buying Groups “Solidarity Buying Groups (GAS) are buying groups, spontaneously organized, which start from a critical approach to consumption and which want to apply the principles of equity, solidarity and sustainability to their purchases (mainly food products or consumer goods). The consumer adheres to a solidarity buying group (GAS) as an expression of the individual need to socialize the critical choices made in everyday life. “(From the” GAS base document “). The principles of ethics, collaboration and quality are the basis of the choices of those who adhere to these groups.

Why choose Terre di Loppiano for buying groups?

The Terre di Loppiano brand brings together various producers and guarantees the quality of food products, attention to environmental and social impact and direct contact with the consumer who interfacing as GAS will have a lowering of prices.
Terre di Loppiano is synonymous with “living well and feeling social”, it has always been involved in organic production with respect for nature and health.
This philosophy of life leads us to pay close attention to every product. We rediscover cereals and fruit of ancient varieties and forgotten vegetables that have a connection with the land of origin (in particular at km 0) and bring us closer to the traditions of our grandparents.

Terre di Loppiano and the GAS

The selection criteria of the GAS suppliers are many: from 0 km to low ecological impact up to the support of peasant agriculture and transparency in production. In order to verify the truthfulness of these criteria it is fundamental to establish a relationship of trust between producer and consumer.
Terre di Loppiano welcomes the Gas representatives by organizing meetings with tastings and guarantees a careful and constant collaboration.

Terre di Loppiano already serves GAS on the national territory

For some years we have been serving various GAS, solidarity buying groups located throughout Italy with our organic and artisanal products, offering them a dedicated price list that you can request by e-mail or telephone.

How much is the savings for a buying group?

Buying from Terre di Loppiano through a GAS allows you to save up to 15% 25% compared to organic and natural supermarkets. The sharing of knowledge allows to considerably reduce the difficulty and the difficulty of finding information, which is one of the most problematic aspects of critical consumption. This means that the distance between conscious consumers and ethical and sustainable producers is reduced and the GAS continues to be born and increase in volume and number.

The types of organic and natural products purchased by the GAS

The products purchased, which are chosen independently by each group, are the most varied. Normally the largest purchase volume is that related to long-life foodstuffs (stone-ground flour, pasta, brown rice, cold-pressed oil, honey, preserves, jams, wine, biscuits, cured meats, legumes, coffee), but are purchased also fresh foods (cheeses, fruits, vegetables, meat, butter, milk, eggs, bread), household products (detergents, paints and colors), detergents and cosmetics, clothing (especially linen and shoes).

I’m not a GAS member, but I’m very interested. How can I be part of a solidarity buying group?

There is a lot of information on the web about GAS, it is very likely that you will find associations that have created one in your area of ​​residence. Furthermore the solidarity buying groups are part of a territorial network that allows to reach even the smallest ones.
Each of these GAS has an internal order, agreed by the founders of the same and modified, over time, according to the needs and the new entries. Very often it is in fact precisely the possibility of being able to compare oneself with other people regarding one’s consumption choices, existing products, known companies, which pushes consumers who have a critical approach to consumption to be part of it and to involve those who want to approach this environment .

How to buy from Terre di Loppiano?

The referent of the purchasing group can request the price list dedicated to the GAS or come in person to our store and learn about the company.
This allows us to establish a relationship of mutual respect and trust, to meet people from other GAS with ideas similar to their own and with whom it is possible to confront. In a social context in which consumerism seems to be the only approach possible to meet other people who instead have a critical approach is perceived as a great wealth. From Terre di Loppiano meetings often end with snacks or other convivial moments that demonstrate a pleasure of being together that goes beyond the need to organize purchases in practice.

What certifications can you guarantee?

Certifications and Traceability are the key points we adopt with our collaborators.
Our 0 km philosophy means that the companies from which we supply are located in the areas adjacent to our headquarters. This allows collection in days established with our vehicles, helps to maintain a direct relationship with employees and ensures that organic products are short chain and have a reduced environmental impact.
Relations with the GAS of other parts of Italy also make it possible to find products that are not present in our territory, with a guarantee of quality given by their experience.

We can get to know each other?

Terre di Loppiano organizes ad hoc meetings for GAS with guided tours at our sister company Fattoria Loppiano and the company to allow consumers to see for themselves how we work. Our collaborators, companies with organic certification of medium-small size, are available to visit their fields and their productions in respect of the environment and with a view to critical consumption.



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