The Project

“We work for sharing”


“Terre di Loppiano” is the synonymous of “living well, feeling friendly”; it comes from a true passion for organic production and a shared commitment for man’s health and life on Earth which link producers, traders, shops and consumers to the contribution to a world growing in a better future, every day.

The project originates from the need of some employers of agrofood-business companies to create a “single-branded” product-line which could be better known on the market, and promote a new lifestyle with a different economic action. The integration of all the company members on the product-line , transparency , care for the environment and people in general, are standard values which guarantee the product quality for the consumers’ comfort.

The trademark, “Terre di Loppiano” stands not only for a local link but it is the core of a phylosophy of life, the distinctive brand of the companies involved in the project “Economy of Communion”.

With a shopping basket of more than 200 products, mostly organic quality, at 0 kms, natural, tested, quality- guaranteed , from several trading categories, “Terre di Loppiano” is on the market both with a website for the buy- online and a shop where people can taste our products at Polo Lionello Bonfanti in Figline e Incisa Valdarno.


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