Transparency and Quality: our Qualifications

The criteria we select our working partners are the respect for Nature which results in organic products together with the respect for human beings. We mean ethical principles having people as their pivotal target.

Terre di Loppiano is a company that has been qualified as an organic manifacturer whose 80% of its market basket of products is certified (download the full catalogue HERE) whereas the other set is produced by partnercompanies which, both on our advice and supervision, are following up the standard procedures for a viable certification.

And that is not all. Actually we are doing a research on other tipologies of certification we would like to get to. They are not likely to be certifications referring to “complex” codes or procedural guidelines, not to be understood easily by consumers; they are expected to be certifications giving prominence to environmental education,territory safeguard, ethical values, company principles as leading guides to a sustainable development for human beings.



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